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Rising STARS at Neumann

Neumann University is excited to offer a flexible, accelerated degree program to early childhood professionals. Many of our students in this program are eligible for the Rising STARS tuition assistance program provided by Keystone STARS and OCDEL. Renew your CDA, or director’s credential, increase your status on the PA Career Lattice or work toward a B.A. or M.S. in Early Elementary Education. Courses are offered in accelerated formats in the evenings and on Saturdays to accommodate the working ECE professional.

For program information and to get started, please contact Mr. John Sperduto at sperdutj@neumann.eduand/or 484-368-1090.

For advising and registration, please contact Dr. Laura Taddei at and/or 610-513-6144.


Ready to Apply

If you are ready to apply to Neumann University, please follow the directions below:

  • Here is the link  and once you get on the page, you will create a profile, and then choose the undergraduate degree of early elementary/special education not the adult degree option. Where it asks why you want to come to Neumann or how did you hear about program, please put in there Rising STARS and my name - Dr. Laura Taddei - this will ensure you get the 33% discount on tuition. 

  • Please contact Lauren Sciocchetti in Admissions after you apply to let her know you are Rising STARS and to ask what needs to be sent to Neumann to get admitted. Lauren’s email address is and her office phone number is 610-558-5637. Also contact Dr. Taddei at to make sure you begin receiving correspondence related to this program.

  • Please email a letter to Dr. Laura Taddei at from your director stating that you work in an early learning center at least 20 hours a week or more. Once this letter is received, your $200 deposit will be waived from Neumann and you will also receive the 33% discount off of tuition.


Getting Enrolled in Courses Right Away

  • We highly encourage you to apply for admissions to Neumann University right away by following the steps above. However, if you want to enroll in a course right away as you wait to be admitted, you may enroll as a nonmatriculated student. You can take up to 12 credits at Neumann University before being officially accepted. For this reason, if you would like to take a course that is starting soon, you can complete a non-matriculation form and get into the course as a nonmatriculated student as you complete the admission process. This does not mean you will be automatically admitted to Neumann University. You still must go through the admission process as noted above.

  • If you have a hard copy of the form, please choose the courses you would like to take, complete the form, and give to Mr. John Sperduto.


Rising STARS Application


  • Also, it is your responsibility to complete the grant application through the PA Key. Please note, applying for Rising STARS is not the same as applying for admission to Neumann. Rising STARS provides you with the grant money to pay for your tuition if you are eligible. 

  • Please go to the PA Key website and apply for Rising STARS grant money online – you can only apply online at this time. 

  • For the application, you will need course description and program information and you will find that HERE

  • For further questions regarding your Rising STARS application, please contact Mr. John Sperduto at and/or 484-368-1090

  • Questions can be emailed to or call 800-284-6031.

Graduate Program

  • For information regarding our Graduate program, please contact Dr. Stephanie Budhai at and/or 610-358-4249.


    Financial Aid

  • If awarded the Rising STARS grant money will cover 95 % of the tuition up to the fiscal year allotment. Rising STARS recipients may receive a grant up to $4500 per fiscal year – July 1 to June 30th. Grants are not guaranteed and even after applying for the grant through the PA Key, you need to follow up and make sure they have everything they need from you. It is your responsibility to pay any unpaid balance or tuition that is not covered by this grant.

  • If you are accelerating your program and taking more courses than four in a year, we advise you to apply for financial aid

  • For more information regarding applying for financial aid, please visit this link

  • You can also contact the financial aid office at 610-558-5521 or email at  please identify yourself as a Rising STARS student

  • Location: Bachmann Main Building, Room 151, 1st floor

Business Office/Billing

  • For questions regarding billing, please contact the billing office at 610-558-5505 and identify yourself as a Rising STARS student. 

  • BA students receive a 33% discount on tuition because you are in this accelerated BA program.

  • Graduate students receive a 20% discount on tuition

  • You will need your itemized bill for your Rising STARS application, so this is something you must obtain as soon as you are registered in a course. You will need to send an itemized bill to the PA Key when you are applying for the Rising STARS grant money. Contact the Business Office at 610-558-5505 to request an itemized bill as soon as you are registered for your courses. Please identify yourself as a Rising STARS student.

  • Once you register for a course, it is your responsibility to follow through with the grant process and/or pay for your tuition if you are not eligible for the grant money.

  • Hours of operation – Monday through Friday – 8 AM to 5 PM.

  • Location:  Bachmann Main Building, Room 104, 1st floor



Technical Assistance

  • Once you are registered for a course, it is important that you contact the help desk at Neumann to find out how to log on to your email account, NU Learn account, and Webadvisor (where you will find your bill, grades, schedule, etc.)

  • The website for the Helpdesk is -

  • You can contact the helpdesk at and/or 610-558-5620.


    Campus Store and Textbook Information

  • University Store: phone: 610-558-5618    email:

  • To purchase textbooks and course materials 

  • Location: Bachmann Main Building, Room 51, ground floor

 To find your textbooks for class:

Click HERE                           
On top right – click on textbooks – select Course Materials 

Select the appropriate term (fall, spring, etc.), and Select Department "ECE" or “EDU” or “SPEC” depending on the course you are looking for and add selection 

Click continue and find your course.


Other Helpful Information

  • Academic Resource Center -

  • Career and Personal Development -

  • Campus Safety -

             610-558-5555 or 610-361-5210

             To obtain your parking pass and student ID – Location – Bachmann Main 
             Building, Room 32, Ground Floor

  • Library - 610-558-5545 -

            Once you have obtained your ID card from Campus Safety, you can and 
            should visit the library to activate your library access card. The library is
            located in the Bachmann Main Building, 1st floor.