Cecily Scavicchio

Meet Cecily '12
4th grade school teacher

Ali DeTolla

Meet Ali '12
3rd grade school teacher

Dr. Mary Beth Yount

Meet Dr. Mary Beth Yount
Associate Professor,
Theological Studies

The Undergraduate Programs in Teacher Education Hello! Thank you for your interest in Neumann University's School of Education and Human Services, one of the university's largest and most diverse schools.

In our school you will find:

Take a look at the points of difference that distinguish the Neumann University undergraduate teacher education programs and our Master Degree programs in Education and Counseling. Perhaps you are interested in beginning college and pursuing a degree in Early Elementary Education (Grades PK-4), Special Education (Grades PK-8), or Secondary Education (Grades 7-12), or maybe you are interested in changing careers and pursuing a graduate degree in Education or Counseling. Our undergraduate programs in Education provide a solid foundation of research, best practices, and current research combined with a robust field experience sequence that starts in freshman year. Our graduate programs in Education offer a number of different tracks for state certification, endorsements, professional development, and/or career advancement. Our graduate program in Counseling is unique in its integration of spirituality and psychology in preparing future counselors to offer dynamic, holistic forms of healing and guidance. Students in the Master’s Degree program in Pastoral Clinical Mental Health Counseling are prepared to be licensed clinicians in mental health counseling with a solid blend of the theological and spiritual dimensions.

We also offer a Social Work (B.S.W.) program that prepares baccalaureate-level Social Work students within a Catholic Franciscan framework, provide them with the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to engage in generalist social work practice.

If you are an experienced educational professional looking for the opportunity to advance in the field or further develop your expertise, the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program prepares students to demonstrate the leadership to implement effective school-based action plans; assess the needs and accomplishments of students and faculty; and participate in curriculum development and evaluation.

The PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision with Spiritual and Pastoral Integration is an advanced studies degree integrating spiritual perspectives with the practice of clinical counseling and psychotherapy. It is designed to further prepare students to work as counselor educators, supervisors, consultants, mental health advocates, researchers and advanced practitioners in academic and clinical settings.

The Neumann University Vision Statement reminds us that "our outreach embraces ideals and actions which enhance individuals personally and which have a structural impact on the community, the Church and the global environment." Our school helps bring alive this vision through our Child Development Center and our Programs for Early Childhood Practitioners.

Neumann is a University that is both Catholic and Franciscan. Our University's Mission Statement tells us, "Knowledge, while valuable in itself, is to be used in the service of others." As you can see, the programs and services of the school of Education and Human Services meet this call to service and do so in the way St. Francis and St. Clare challenged us to serve, "joyfully, cheerfully, and consistently gracious in the Lord." If we can ever be of service or assist you with questions about any of the program and services that are part of the school of Education and Human Services, please call us!