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Testing Requirements for Certification**


Changes to the TESTING Requirements


The Pennsylvania Department of Education has changed some of their testing requirements. For Candidacy, students will no longer take the PRAXIS I (PPST) series of exams after April 1, 2012. Students are to take the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests/Pre-Academic Preparation Assessment (PAPA) series of exams by Evaluation Systems Pearson if their initial test date is April 2, 2012 or later.   


What does this mean for you?

1. If you have already successfully completed all three of the PRAXIS I exams (0710: Reading, 0720: Writing, and 0730: Math), you do not have to take the PAPA series of exams.

2. If you have successfully completed any one (or more) of the three PRAXIS I (PPST) exams (0710: Reading, 0720: Writing, and 0730: Math), prior to April 2, 2012, you should continue taking the PRAXIS I (PPST) series of exams. It is not appropriate to mix and match PRAXIS I (PPST) and PECT PAPA.

3. If your initial test date is after April 2, 2012, you are to take the PECT PAPA series of exams.

4.  Post-baccalaureate candidates do not need to take the PPSTs or the PAPA (as of July 1, 2011) 

PDE: Testing Requirements in Pennsylvania**

Detailed information may be found at PDE: Testing Requirements in Pennsylvania


Instructional I Certificate - Testing Requirements

Initial certification for Early Elementary (PK-4) and Special Education (PK-8):

Test Name
Test # Standard Qualifying Score

PAPA Reading †



PAPA Math †



PAPA Writing †



To Register, Go To:

Early Elementary (PK-4) PECT Exams

Test Name
Test # Standard Qualifying Score
Pre-K-4 Module 1-Child Dev, Prof



Pre-K-4 Module 2-Language, 
Social Studies



Pre-K-4 Module 3-Math, Science



To Register, Go To:

Special Education (PK-8) PECT Exams

Test Name
Test # Standard Qualifying Score
Special Education - PreK-8 Module 1



Special Education - PreK-8 Module 2



To Register, Go To:



Initial certification for secondary certificates (grades 7 through 12):


To register, go to:

PAPA†: Reading, Writing, Mathematics‡

Appropriate content area test for secondary

English Language, Literature and Composition Content Knowledge (Test 0041)

Biology: Content Knowledge (Test 0235)

General Science: Content Knowledge (Test 0435)

Social Studies: Content Knowledge (Tests 0081)

† Those who completed at least one PPST test or registered for at least one PPST test prior to April 2, 2012 must pass the PPST Reading, PPST Writing and PPST Mathematics available from


Administrative and Supervisory Certificates - 
Testing Requirements


Principal Administrative Certificate:


~ All new candidates for the Principal and Vocational Administrative Director certification will be required to successfully complete the (1011 or 6011) School Leadership Licensure Assessment Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision exam. For more information, please visit:

The Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (0411) will be accepted if passed prior to December 31, 2012, and within ten years of the date of application.


Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Letter of Eligibility:


~ Effective December 1, 2012, School Superintendent Assessment (1020)


How to Apply for Your Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate:


~ A Knights' Guide for Applying for Teacher Certification in Pennsylvania(pdf)

~ A complete step-by-step tutorial that will help guide you through the new Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Teacher Information Management System.


**Testing requirements are periodically revised. Students are held to the state requirements in place at the time of their application for certification.