Graduate Studies

Master of Science in Accounting

           . . . with emphasis on Forensics and Fraud Detection


The Master of Science in Accounting with emphasis on Forensics and Fraud Detection will help enhance your career by building a broader base of knowledge in the area of fraud and forensic accounting than a general Master of Science in Accounting. The degree is designed to help students apply techniques in identifying, collecting, and examining evidence, including how to identify financial statement misrepresentation, transaction reconstruction, tax evasion and cyber crime. The thirty-credit master’s degree will provide the additional academic credit needed to meet the 150 academic credit hours required to pursue the CPA designation. The degree can be completed in 18 months and is delivered in a combination of in-class and hybrid offerings. Cost is $557 per credit.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the requirements for the MS degree in Accounting with emphasis on Forensic and Fraud Detection, the student will:

• Demonstrate the knowledge of basic principles of audit risk, forensic accounting techniques, and cyber forensic investigations.

• Apply the concepts of audit risk and materiality to case study examples using correct fraud terminology.

• Identify appropriate methodology and apply procedures to conduct audits that include forensic accounting.

• Through case study, identify and evaluate ethical and legal theoretical principles and issues that impact forensic accounting.

• Reflect on personal values of integrity and excellence in decisions that involve choices of accounting representation of business procedures.

• Produce fraud research guides using appropriate academic and research resources.

• Perform basic computer and cyber forensic investigations involving cyber crime.

• Demonstrate scholarship and competence through effective oral and written communication.


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