Graduate Studies

Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Laboratory Science

Technical Standards

All CLS students are expected to meet certain criteria for admission to and progress in the professional program. These criteria include minimum standards of observation, motor function, behavioral-social capabilities, and communication.

cls student

The Physical Demands required include:

  • Ability to perform manual laboratory procedures with dexterity
  • Ability to operate state-of-the-art instruments, including computers
  • Ability to use a microscope and differentiate microscopic components
  • Ability to perform delicate manipulations which require good eye-hand coordination

The Emotional Demands required include:

  • Ability to perform laboratory procedures accurately and quickly even under stressful conditions
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment and to think logically in the performance of one's duties
  • Ability to organize and to assume responsibility for one's work

The Professional Demands required include:

  • Ability to communicate in a professional, positive, tactful manner with patients, physicians, nurses, other healthcare and non-healthcare employees, and fellow laboratory personnel
  • Ability to maintain patient confidentiality and to exercise ethical judgment, integrity, honesty, dependability, and accountability in the performance of one's laboratory responsibilities
  • Ability to perform laboratory tests carefully while maintaining efficiency and organization
  • Ability to exercise critical thinking skills to solve problems
  • Ability to project a well-groomed, neat appearance


Contact information

Sandra M. Weiss EdD, MLS(ASCP)CM

Professor and Program Director of CLS
Arts and Sciences
Phone: 610-558-5607 

Graduate Admissions

Phone: 610-361-5208