Graduate Education

Faculty/Staff Contacts


Dr. Stephanie Smith Budhai Dr. Stephanie Smith Budhai 
Director of Graduate Education
B.S.Ed., Temple University
M.Ed., University of Maryland-College Park
Ph.D., Drexel University


The following faculty and staff are here to support graduate education students with specific aspects of their academic career. Their specific functions are indicated below:

Dr. Richard Cunningham Dr. Richard Cunningham
Coordinator of Student Teaching and Principal Internships 
B.S., Pennsylvania State University
M.A., Villanova University
Ed.D., Temple University
Contact me with questions related to student teaching
or the principal internship
Dr. Louise A. Whitelaw Dr. Louise A. Whitelaw 
Field Experience Coordinator
B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Drexel University
(610) 358-4518 
Contact me for help securing a placement for field experience or with questions about clearances
Ms. Ginger M. Daddona Ms. Ginger M. Daddona 
Teacher Certification & Compliance Specialist 
(610) 358-4501 
Contact me for help with applying for certification, ACT 48 credits, or anything related to PDE certification