Graduate Education

Field Experience/Student Teaching


Field Experience

If you are in a program leading to certification, many of your courses will have a field experience component. Each field experience will be distinct and provide you with diverse opportunities to apply what you have learned in class in varied educational settings. Please see your course syllabi each term to determine the field experience requirements for the course. Your instructor will be able to provide you with more information on the specific competencies that you will focus on and related assignments.


Field Placement Request Form


Please contact Dr. Louise Whitelaw, Field Experience Coordinator at (610) 358-4518 or via email at with questions related to field experience, finding a placement, or security clearances.


Please see the Field Experience Handbook for more detailed information.


Student Teaching

Student teaching will occur in one or two types of settings depending on the certification(s) you are seeking. Student teaching placements can range from traditional elementary school settings to a wide range of special education settings.


Please contact Dr. Richard Cunningham, Student Teaching Coordinator at (610)-558-5636 or via email at with questions related student teaching.