Neumann University offers a number of graduate assistantships in various offices throughout campus including residence life, campus ministry, enrollment management, student leadership & engagement, athletics, knights pantry, the library, university advancement and so many more.

A graduate assistantship is an opportunity to work on campus in a research or service-oriented capacity in order to gain valuable work experience in higher education or an academic field and earn a tuition waiver and stipend. Graduate Assistantships provide tuition waiver for up to 9 graduate credits in exchange for service to the University. These positions are for the Fall and Spring semesters only unless otherwise approved.

For more information on open Graduate Assistantship positions, visit our human resources website and feel free to reach out to Bettsy Mcklaine, Executive Director of Enrollment Management Degree Completion & Graduate Programs at 

Position Hours Tuition Waiver *Stipend (per Semester)
Hall Director 28 hours per week 9 graduate credits per semester (excluding summer) $2500
Full-time (3/3) 20 hours per week 9 graduate credits per semester (excluding summer) $1875
2/3 14 hours per week 6 graduate credits per semester (excluding summer) $1250
1/3 7 hours per week 3 graduate credits per semester (excluding summer) $625

*Note: Suggested GA stipend rate based on formula of $625 per three credits. Some offices/units may choose to pay more based upon nature of work.



The grid above outlines the general compensation formula for Graduate Assistantships. The suggested Graduate Assistantship stipend rate is based on a formula of $625 per three credits. Some offices/units may choose to pay more based upon nature of work.

Based upon the nature of the work, some GA positions will require a dedicated office or laboratory space. GA positions in Housing and Residence Life may also require residency in a university-owned residence hall apartment or suite to maintain overnight on-call responsibilities.

Tuition waivers will be processed by Human Resources. Stipends will be paid through the university’s Payroll office in accordance with payroll procedures and tax/withholding laws.


Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate students matriculated in degree-seeking programs are eligible. They must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in their graduate programs.

Yes. The tuition waiver does NOT cover student fees. Graduate assistants must pay all student fees. Payment must be made by the due date listed on your NU bill. The tuition waiver will not be applied to your balance until payment has been made. Nonpayment could result in your classes being cancelled.

Graduate assistants must be actively enrolled in the number of credits covered by their graduate assistantship contract. For example, students with a 6-credit graduate assistantships must remain actively enrolled in 6 credits for the full term of the contract.

If you need to withdraw from a class that would take you below the credits required by your contract, please contact the Director of Graduate Admissions from your NU e-mail account before submitting a course withdrawal form. If you need to withdraw from the University, please contact Director of Graduate Admissions before submitting a term withdrawal form. Please note that withdrawing could result in a financial penalty up to and including the full tuition cost of the tuition waiver.