Neumann University students will have access to the Acadeum catalog of online courses already approved for transfer credit.

Acadeum Course Share provides online college courses to Neumann University students from other accredited institutions. Neumann University is a member in the Acadeum College Consortium, a group of accredited private colleges and universities that share select online courses to support students in their educational goals. Schools who participate in online teaching of course equivalencies with Acadeum are already approved for transfer of course credit back to Neumann University. And in most cases, students can apply for financial aid (FAFSA). 

The primary uses of the consortium are to provide students with greater access to courses when they need: 

  • To repeat a course. 
  • To increase their grade point average to remain enrolled. 
  • To increase their grade point average to maintain athletic eligibility. 
  • A prerequisite for an upcoming course. 
  • A course that is not offered during the semester. 

Courses taken through the consortium are transcribed on the student’s NU transcript, allowing for the following: 

  • NU to apply financial aid to the courses. 
  • Students can improve their GPA by substituting a course grade earned through the consortium for the course previously taken at NU (if eligible for repeat). 
  • Students can count the consortium course(s) towards part- or full-time status and residency requirements

For more information on what Acadeum can do for you, visit the Acadeum Student Information page.

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