Streamline Process to Request an Incomplete Grade and Advanced Approval

In addition to the word documents both forms are available on this webpage as editable PDFs (google chrome preferred to fill out the forms)

Request for Incomplete Editable PDF Form

Request for Incomplete -

1. Students- Please download and complete the top portion on the Request for Incomplete Editable PDF Form. If you are having difficulties completing the electronic form- cut and paste form into the body of an email and complete.

Request For Incomplete Grade

2. Once the top portion of the form is complete- Save your PDF on your computer and send the Editable PDF Form as an email attachment to the faculty member.

3. If Faculty member approves Request for Incomplete- the faculty will complete the middle section of form indicating what course items needs to be completed and expiration date for incomplete. Faculty- Please list all assignments/exams that need to be completed by the student.

The Expiration Date/Deadline for all Fall 2021 classes is January 24, 2022

4. Faculty member will send email with the completed Request for Incomplete form back to student and copy a member of the University Registrar’s Office to process the incomplete grade. Only the Registrar’s Office staff can enter a grade of an incomplete.

School Dean Signature Not Required

Incomplete grades Do Not need the approval of the School Dean for the Fall 2021 semester to expedite the process.

Contact Information for University Registrar’s Office Staff for faculty use when returning form.

Nikki Collevechio
Academic Records
Support Specialist
General Inquiries

Cierra Strickland
Assistant Student
Systems Administrator
Verification Specialist

Michele Smith
Student Systems Administrator
Scheduling & Reporting

Request for Advanced Credit Editable PDF Form

Advanced Approval for Outside Credit at Other Institutions -

1. Students- please open Advanced Credit Form and cut and paste into body of email.

Advanced Credit Form

2. Send form with Courses listed from other institutions to Registrar's Office- (See contacts at bottom of webpage)

3. Registrar's Office will email student back with course equivalencies and will also copy Advisor and Financial Aid Advisor for their records

4. If advisors have any questions about the courses- they can contact students