. . . living and learning in the Franciscan way.

Definition of Service-Learning:

A form of experiential education in which community defined needs are addressed by students through structured learning opportunities. Critical reflection and reciprocity are key elements of the experience, serving to foster a broader appreciation of the course content and the community as a whole.

Service-Learning Vision Statement

Neumann University identifies knowledge as "a gift to be shared in the service of others" (Mission 2009).  "Neumann's curriculum promotes thoughtful and ethical leadership in service and response to a global and technologically complex world" (Vision 2009).  Neumann University embraces "Service" as one of the five core values on which the college RISES (Reverence, Integrity, Service, Excellence, Stewardship).

Consistent with its mission, vision and values Neumann promotes an environment in which service is integrated into the curriculum and co-curricular activities. Neumann University strives to prepare graduates to embrace service as an integral component of their lives, critical to the lifelong process of learning.