Liberal Arts


The Liberal Arts major is the University’s most flexible academic program. The major is designed for self-motivated students with interests and passions that might not neatly fit into a traditional disciplinary model of education. For entrepreneurial students whose skills and interests cross disciplines or professions, for creative students who want to explore multiple avenues of personal development, or for multi-talented students who want to expand their options for careers after college, this program empowers them to design their own educational path to meet their personal and professional goals.


Students will select their courses from a wide range of disciplines, but each individual program will have coherence and a convincing rationale for its structure. Academic advisors will work with the student and faculty from relevant fields to design a program plan for completing the major within specified parameters. Part of that program plan will be a focused combination of academic minors and/or concentrations so that each student has the depth of learning necessary in the primary subject areas. The student is also engaged with on-going career development to explore career options and to prepare for job searches or continuing education.


Students who want a uniquely personal education will have the choices and responsibilities for their future in their own hands with a Liberal Arts degree.


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