Pre-Athletic Training Option


Neumann University is currently in the process of transitioning the fully-accredited undergraduate Athletic Training program to a Master’s program. The anticipated date for completion of the transition would occur fall of 2018. This transition would provide Health Science majors an option for a 3+2 BS Health Science/MS Athletic Training where the student would earn a BS in Health Sciences in 3 years followed by a MS in Athletic Training in 2 years.  In addition to the 3+2 BS Health Science/MS Athletic Training Option, undergraduates majoring in the traditional four year Health Sciences Major would also be eligible for automatic acceptance into the Master’s Program in Athletic Training once the graduate program in AT is in place at Neumann University.


Fitness, wholeness, wellness… American society is becoming more and more focused on matters of health every day. This option will prepare students to enter directly into the proposed Masters of Athletic Training program, which implements sound practices and procedures to aid in the prevention, recognition, management and rehabilitation of exercise-related injuries. The Pre-Athletic Training option is part of the Health Sciences major in the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences. Students enrolled in this program will receive broad-science based training.


Classes prepare students for:

Emergency response
Graduate study in Athletic Training



In accordance with and reflective of the Mission of Neumann University, the Pre-Athletic Training Program option provides a service-oriented education for students who seek a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Health Science. Graduates are prepared to carry out diverse responsibilities in roles with flexible boundaries, to view learning as a lifelong process, and to value the inherent dignity of human beings regardless of individual differences.


A Statement of Philosophy

Recognizing the ever-changing environment of health care in the world today, the faculty of the Health Sciences and Athletic Training Program strongly believe that the profession of athletic training is quickly becoming a career that is both highly desirable and respected. To respond to this changing environment, a new generation of educators and health care professionals are emerging who are more flexible and better educated in a wide range of disciplines. This type of professional aptly describes the athletic trainer, an individual who must be ready to assume a variety of new roles in the profession, such as meeting mandates by state education systems for all high schools to employ athletic trainers, responding to the armed forces’ requirement to have an athletic trainer at all military installations, or being prepared for insurance carriers awarding provider numbers for athletic trainers.  The future of the profession is certainly one without boundaries, and Neumann University is in the position to educate students to succeed in this evolving profession of athletic training.


Classroom learning in the Athletic Training Program is supplemented by clinical rotations that provide students with the opportunity to develop skills and experiences in many different settings, with a wide range of sports, and with all types of athletes. The clinical educational component of this program covers the areas defined by CAATE standards of accreditation during a six-semester clinical rotation sequence. During these clinical experiences, the student follows a logical progression of courses in order to gain a level of competency associated with a certified practitioner. A positive environment with the opportunity for sequential skill acquisition is afforded the student at all rotations in order to provide a mode of education that is consistent with the model of progressive learning over time.


For additional program information please call Mr. Hubert Lee, Program Director, 610-361-2499,