The Psychology major offers students a chance to study why people act, think, and feel as they do. This comprehensive undergraduate program, developed in accordance with the guidelines of the American Psychological Association, is designed both for students who plan to go directly into employment upon graduation, and for those students who intend to pursue graduate studies. While many of our students pursue careers in the field of psychology, the skills and knowledge gained from the Psychology major are applicable to many different careers as well. Students have considerable flexibility in choosing courses that are most compatible with their interests and career goals.

The mission of the Psychology Program at Neumann University is to educate our students to be able to contribute to society by thinking clearly, understanding and valuing diversity, applying knowledge in service to others, and respecting the life-long search for understanding. To these ends, we teach our students to think critically, value objectivity, and communicate clearly whether speaking or writing.

Guaranteed Acceptance into Neumann University’s Master’s Program in Pastoral Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Five spaces are reserved each year for Neumann University’s Master’s Program in Pastoral Clinical Mental Health Counseling for undergraduates who have completed their undergraduate degree in Psychology at Neumann with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 as well as a 3.3 GPA in all Psychology courses. In addition, undergraduate students who wish to be considered for acceptance into the Master’s Program in Pastoral Clinical Mental Health Counseling must also provide a letter of intent as well as supply three official letters of recommendation from persons with whom you are familiar and who can speak to your academic suitability for graduate studies, your personal maturity, and your potential to work as a licensed mental health counselor with an ability to integrate pastoral and clinical skills. Students seeking to be accepted into the Guaranteed Acceptance Program must apply to the Master’s Program in the beginning of their last undergraduate term.


For additional information, please call the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, which coordinates the admission of all students, at (610) 558-5616 or 
(800) 9-NEUMANN or feel free to e-mail us at