Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I apply? 

Neumann University’s undergraduate admissions have a rolling admissions policy.  It is recommended that applications be received at least two months before the beginning of a semester to ensure proper consideration for admission.

Terms generally start: 

Fall:  late August 
Spring:  mid-January 
Summer:  mid-May 

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What address do I send my transcript to? 

Our mailing address is as follows: 

Office of Admissions
Neumann University 
1 Neumann Drive 
Aston, PA 19014

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What are Neumann’s SAT and ACT code? 

The Neumann University SAT code number is 2628. The Neumann University ACT code number is 3649.

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Are admissions interviews required? 

Interviews are not required, but they are strongly recommended, giving the admissions office a chance to get to know students better and give greater insight into Neumann. 

Students can schedule an interview by contacting the Admissions Office at 610-558-5616 or

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How long after receiving an application do you make your admissions decision? 

Most admissions decisions are mailed to applicants within two weeks after we receive all completed application materials. 

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Does Neumann offer tours and on-campus events?

The Office of Admissions welcomes many prospective students and families to campus each year.  To set up a tour or learn more about our upcoming events, click HERE. 

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How do you apply for scholarships? 

Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and above will receive a scholarship based on their cumulative GPA and housing status from the Office of Admissions.

Students who apply for admission to Neumann are automatically considered for all other Neumann sponsored scholarships. Families seeking need-based financial aid must submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You can find the FAFSA and instructions for completing it at 

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What about financial aid?
Students should contact the financial aid office for information about loans. 
For more information, click HERE or call 610-558-5521. 

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What are your tuition fees?

All tuition and fees information can be found by clicking HERE.

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When do classes begin?
The beginning of classes and other important academic dates are listed in the Academic Calendar. 

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When is the last day for registration? 

Students who are officially accepted into a program and have deposited may register for classes until the first day of the semester. Late registration begins the first day of class. Students may register late for a class, provided that the class has not met more than once. However, students who register late often risk a course being closed.

Specific dates are listed in the Academic Calendar. 

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Do I need a parking sticker or permit?
Yes. Please contact the Office of Campus Safety at 610-558-5555 to obtain your sticker.  First-year resident students are permitted to have their vehicles on campus. 

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