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Adult students want convenience and a supportive environment, and that's what Neumann University provides.

Our undergraduate degree completion programs in Liberal Studies, Organizational Studies, and Public Safety Administration are designed to help you finish your degree!  


First, Neumann's academic advisors will review your work history, work-related training, military experience, and portfolio assessment, all in effort to transfer in as much credit for you as possible.  

Second, courses in each program are accelerated, some with 6-credit courses and others with 3-credit courses, all incorporating a problem-solving project related to your workplace, affiliated organization, or career interest. 

Third, but perhaps most important, the courses themselves are offered one-night per week (two nights in the summer) or online, allowing you to choose -- each semester -- which you find most convenient and most comfortable.

In addition, we offer several other evening programs leading toward certification in accounting, business, marketing, education and nursing which follows a more traditional pace. All of these programs are tailor-made for busy adult students.
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