Instant Decision

Applying Made Simple.

Why wait?  Neumann University doesn’t think you should. 

High school seniors and transfer students can now find out immediatelywhether they’ve been admitted to Neumann.  
All you need to do is call for an on-campus, weekday appointment with a Neumann Admissions Counselor (610-558-5616).  As you tour the Neumann University campus, admissions officers will review your file and give you an answer before you head home.

**Nursing Majors: Due to the high level of applications, Instant decision is not available for Part-Time Nursing or Transfer Nursing Students. High School Senior Nursing applicants may utilize Instant Decision from September 15th through to January 1st.**

High School Seniors Need to Bring the Following to Campus: 

-Completed Application 
-*Official High School Transcripts
-SAT/ACT Scores

Transfer Students Need to Bring the Following to Campus:

-Completed Application 
-*Official College Transcripts from All Previously Attended Colleges 
-*Official Final High School Transcript (unless Associates Degree or higher awarded)
-SATS/ACT Scores (Unless Associates Degree or higher awarded) 

Option Materials for All Applicants:

-Personal Statement
-Letters of Recommendation

*Official High School and College transcripts need to be dated, stamped, and signed in a sealed envelope from a guidance office or registrar.  Due to volume, the University is unable to offer Instant Decisions to students visiting campus on weekends.