Career and Personal Development

Applying to Law School

The Application Process

The application is a critical ticket to getting into law school. Therefore, you want to put together a thorough, impressive application package. Most schools require the same pieces:

A standard application form

Includes questions about personal information (address, birth date, social security number, college information, etc.)

Official transcript

Obtain official copies from the Registrar’s Office.

More information about the LSAT can be found in “Taking the LSAT."

Find information on average GPAs and LSAT scores by School HERE. 

Letters of recommendation

It’s important to choose individuals (i.e. professors, advisors, internship supervisors) who have seen your best work and recognize your potential. Talk with them about your goals, and ask if they would be comfortable serving as a reference for you. Provide them with a resume, unofficial transcript, and work sample so they can see the extent of your achievements. Be sure to give them plenty of time (at least 1 month) to complete their references for you, and provide reasonable deadlines. Remember to send your references a thank you note!

Personal statement/essays

The required essays reveal your writing and critical thinking skills. They also demonstrate your understanding of the profession and your commitment to becoming part of it. Give yourself plenty of time to complete these important documents, and always have them proofread.


The LSAC and LSDAS: What You Need to Know

The LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) “coordinates, facilitates, and enhances the law school admission process.” All law schools approved by the ABA are LSAC members. The LSAC provides services such as the LSAT, LSDAS, and other resources on applying to law school. 


Any student who applies to law school will need to become familiar with the LSDAS (Law School Data Assembly Service). The LSDAS seeks to simplify the application process through a centralized service. After registering with the LSDAS, you will send one copy of all of your application pieces to the LSDAS. All of these key pieces will go into your file. Once your file is complete, you can purchase “releases,” through which the LSDAS will release your application to the designated schools.