Career and Personal Development

Salary Resources

It is important to have a general knowledge of salary ranges appropriate for your industry, years of experience, and geographical location. It is suggested that you take time to review trends when you look for a new position. Below are a list of websites that you can use to remain current.   
Offers a comprehensive review of current salaries, negotiation techniques and an array of information relevant to your professional development and job search.    
Free salary reports, as well as research on salary trends and an “early guide” for those just entering the professional workforce.

America’s Career InfoNet    
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, this website offers a full spectrum of services: industry information, occupational information, regional information, as well as salary scales in various industries and states.

NACE Salary Calculator 
Offers salary data from more than 500 occupations.

Excellent job search engine offering facts and details on trending jobs and salaries. Offers a comprehensive review of over 500,000 companies by employees and former employees who anonymously provide reviews on their salaries and the company’s mmanagement.