Career and Personal Development

Student Resources - Major and Career Exploration

The Career and Personal Development Office is here to assist you with a variety of questions you may experience as you maneuver your way along the path to career success. Below are a few resources that you can use when navigating the decision making process of selecting a major/minor, learning about occupations, and planning out your own year by year plan.  

Year by Year Plan       

This resource will help you have a better understanding the steps you can take to obtain career success.


How to Choose a Major

Choosing a major can be difficult, take the time to learn a few tips to help guide you through the process.


What Can I Do With a Major In . . .  

This is a great resource to learn what career paths you can consider when you select a major.


Career Assessments  

Knowing what you are like as a person (personality traits), what you enjoy (your interests), what is important to you (your values), and what you are good at (your skills and abilities) can help you to determine potentially satisfying careers.


Career Exploration Resources

Explore resources that help you learn more about your area of interest.


Using LinkedIn

Learn how LinkedIn can help you explore potential careers.