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View goals and updates from the DEI Organizational Plan

DEI Organizational Plan

The Chief Diversity Officer is pleased to share year one’s goals and objectives of the DEI Organizational Plan for greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Part one is a five-year plan for 2022-2026 which outlines the approaches to establishing diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, strategies, and outcomes. It allows for periodic review of accomplishments to guide and focus future diversity and inclusion efforts. It provides the university with a roadmap to fostering a workforce that engages all faculty, staff, and students, allowing the university to draw on our diverse talents to make a positive difference.

Campus Wide Plan

A year-over-year process of assessing, planning and implementation of specific, achievable, and sustainable short-, medium-, and long-term goals and actions to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion, covering all key constituents was initiated in September 2022.

Part I- Year One Goals

  • Gain and retain committed leadership
  • Cultivate and support a diverse culture
  • Build and maintain a diverse workforce

Year One Objectives

  • Gain support and create allies at all levels of the university
  • Establish DEI as a core institutional value, essential to our excellence
  • Reinforce the concept of DEI as a standard operating procedure and an integral part of all unit and campus-wide activities
  • Create events and experiences that make DEI central to the university experience
  • Align DEI with the budgeting process for the university and each individual department
  • Emphasize accountability by implementing rigorous measures for monitoring and measuring progress at the campus and unit level

Updates and progress will be posted each semester for your viewing. Feel free to contact Dr. Michelle Santana with comments or questions.


In service,

Dr. Michelle Santana

Chief Diversity Officer