Honors Program

Freshman Honors Program (FHP)

Richard Sayers, Ph.D.

Members of the Freshman Honors Program attend a performance
of the musical A Christmas Story at the Media Theatre

The Freshman Honors Program (FHP) comprises selected courses from the University Core Experience curriculum which is part of every Neumann student’s degree program. 

Progression in the Freshman Honors Program requires students to maintain a 3.00 GPA in the Freshman Honors courses (offerings vary by semester and year).  The 2023-2024 freshman honors course offerings* are as follows:

Fall 2023
Spring 2024 (tentative)
HNR 112 Freshman Honors: 
Rhetoric and Writing
Freshman Honors Multidisciplinary Seminar HNR 203 Freshman Honors: Literature paired with a second Core Experience course
HNR 105 Freshman Honors:
Theological Foundations
INT 101 Freshman Experience 
(Honors Section)

These courses fulfill part of the University’s Core Curriculum Requirements for all undergraduate degree programs.  The Freshman Honors courses are taken as part of, rather than in addition to, a student’s usual course load.

*Course offerings subject to faculty availability.

†Students who successfully complete all required course work for the fall semester of the Freshman Honors Program are exempted from taking ENG 101, Rhetoric and Writing I, but will still need to complete the total number of credits required of their respective degree programs. For most students, the Sophomore Honors Seminar satisfies those credits.