Honors Program


Richard Sayers
Richard Sayers
Professor of Music
Coordinator of the Honors Program

Welcome to the NU Honors Program!

The Neumann University Honors Program is a community of learners.  Some are students, some are faculty, some are alumni and some are staff, but all are learners.  In the honors program, we value the curious mind, the questioning spirit, the searching soul.  We accept that the search for answers always leads to more questions; that, paradoxically, the deeper one digs, the higher one RISES.  We take responsibility for our individual and collective education. We challenge one another to become our best selves, and we do so in a supportive and caring community.

The honors program focuses on developing the critical thinking and writing skills necessary not only to your academic success at Neumann, but also to your eventual success in your chosen career.  If the idea of being part of a community of learners appeals to you—a community deeply committed not only to the quest for personal knowledge but also to the application of that knowledge for the good of others—then I invite you to consider the NU Honors Program.  See the links below for more information.