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St. Francis University
Ambialet, France




This unique semester abroad program in France is offered by Saint Francis University. The Ambialet site offers students the opportunity to experience the adventure, beauty, and history of Europe in the halls of this centuries-old Franciscan monastery nestled in the French mountains, overlooking the village of Ambialet. Students will also spend time living in Paris, experiencing the legendary sights. Activities are variably divided between Ambialet and Paris and also include interaction with the University of Albi, giving students the chance to develop skills and have experiences a classroom setting will never provide.





St. Francis University
Saint Francis University, located in Loretto, Pennsylvania offers higher education in an environment guided by Catholic values and teachings, and inspired by the example of their patron, Saint Francis of Assisi.  They initiated the Semester in France program in 2007.



Academic Program 

Each semester, nin (9) general education credits will be offered in addition to six credits of a “flex-course” offered by the visiting faculty of that particular semester. The general education courses offered each semester are: 

FREN 112 - Elementary French (3 credits, equivalent to FR 101 at NU)

Functional skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing; introduction to French and Francophone culture. 

RLST 400 – The Pilgrimage:  Its Social, Religious, and Political Context in the Midi Pyrenees (3 credits, equivalent to THEO 200 level at NU)

FNAR 102 - Culture and Values  
(3 credits, satisfies Fine Arts Core at NU) 
An overview of the visual arts, literature, and music from the beginnings of civilization to the present. The masterworks of mankind’s varied cultural epochs are presented within their respective sociopolitical contexts in a manner which seeks to explain the artist’s place in society, impart a sense of historical progression, and explore technical and expressive concerns. 

The flex-courses offered during the fall semester are often in art, management and business administration, while biology and psychology courses are typically offered during the spring semester. Please contact ISE staff, located in Bachmann 211, for more information on specific courses. 

The semester includes a trip to Barcelona and an extended stay in Paris.



While in Paris, the academic focus will be on language and culture (including art). Each morning students will have one hour in class focused on language, followed by two hours or more of cultural activities. The group will take advantage of the immense range of art museums in Paris and its environs as an integral part of the art history course.


In Albi (the nearest city to Ambialet), students will continue with the language/culture course as well as the art history course. The primary course in Albi will deal with religious pilgrimages (RLST 400) and the fascinating period in the history of the southwest of France that involved the Cathars (a heretical religious sect that was prominent in the region in the 11th – 14th centuries). The course will take advantage of the region’s hilltop towns, fortified castles, cities, spectacular cathedrals and shrines. All of your language, culture, art, and religious history studies will come into play in this capstone course. 

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Students must have a 2.7 cumulative GPA, at minimum, and sophomore or junior status.





Students are housed in the 14th Century monastery that has been newly renovated with dorm style rooms.  There are typically two students assigned per room, with large bathroom facilities located in the same corridor.  There is 24/7 internet access.


All of your meals are included with the exception of the meals during any of the semester breaks and/or any independent trips you take.  

Terms available: Fall or Spring semester

Term Dates:  Early September – mid - December (fall), 
2nd week of January  –  last week of April (spring) 

Application Deadlines:  April 15 (fall semester), October 1 (spring semester)


Program Fees

Payable to Neumann University

Tuition (12 -15 credits) & Housing

Neumann tuition & room fees

Included in the above fee: Tuition, accommodations, all meals, field trips, trips to Paris and Barcelona, orientation and student support services.

Additional Estimated Expenses - Payable Directly to Vendor




$800 - $1100

Visa Fees



$200 - $300

Supplemental Health Insurance (4 months)


Personal expenses - not including Spring Break travel




Application Procedure – First Steps