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Intensive Spanish Summer Program - Toledo, Spain




Neumann University has partnered with Aula Toledo to offer students intensive Spanish language courses and an enriching cultural immersion experience, at a reasonable cost to students. 

Program features include:

-   Intensive 3-week program = 3 Neumann University Spanish credits
    (at appropriate level) 
-   Courses conducted in Spanish by native Spanish faculty, focusing largely on     conversation
-   Housing, in home-stays with local Spanish families, is arranged by the school
-   Extracurricular cultural activities



Toledo is a picturesque, medieval, hilltop town located just 25 minutes by high-speed train from downtown Madrid.  It is known as the “city of three cultures” and is home to a multitude of art-filled mosques, synagogues, churches and museums.  This World Heritage City’s labyrinth of narrow streets, plazas and inner patios exude charm, a living monument to the city’s former Roman, Jewish and Muslim inhabitants. Toledo is a vibrant city - full of restaurants, cafes and clubs - where walking is by far the best way to get around. 



The Program

This intensive Spanish language program is located in the heart of Toledo’s old city at a private language school named Aula Toledo.  Class sizes remain small, usually consisting of no more than eight students, and offer students the quality and personalized attention needed to encourage rapid and intensive Spanish language acquisition. In addition to the normal course time, students may also choose to receive individual tutoring.  Aula Toledo also provides a variety of cultural activities throughout the program that are designed to provide each student with a deeper appreciation of Spanish language, life and culture.  More information on Aula Toledo.


Courses Offered
Spanish 101, 102, 201 and 202.  Students complete an on-line test prior to arrival to determine the appropriate language level.  Classes are multinational, and students from other countries are also at Aula Toledo learning Spanish. Classes are held Monday through Friday, following this approximate daily schedule:




10:00 - 12:00p.m. Review, grammar and conversation practice

12:00 - 12:30p.m. Break

12:30p.m. - 2:30p.m. Review, grammar and conversation practice

The rest of the day is free, but the school often offers optional language activities in the evening that highlight the culture of Toledo and provide opportunities to develop conversation skills.


Week three of the program consists mainly of conversation workshops, designed to reinforce the material learned during the first two weeks.  Students who successfully complete this three week Spanish course will earn 3 semester credit hours from Neumann University.



To augment classroom learning, students are housed with local Spanish families for the duration of the program.  These home-stays provide an enriching 24-hour Spanish experience, and are a great way to experience the customs, cuisine, philosophy and everyday life in Spain.  Aula Toledo has a network of families eager to host students at their homes, all of them directly supervised by the team of Aula Toledo. All families are located in the town center or have quick and easy access to it.

The host family provides a room, half-board during the week, laundry service and all linens and towels.  Some homes have wired or wireless internet access.  Student rooms are single occupancy and are furnished with a single or double bed, desk and cupboard. Bathroom facilities may be shared or en-suite, depending on the home.


Meals and Personal Expenses
Host families provide students two meals per day during the week: breakfast, and then your choice of lunch or dinner.  Since dinners in Toledo in the summer are very light and informal, students often choose to have lunch daily with their host family.  All weekend meals are the students’ own responsibility.  Students may typically use the host family’s kitchen, though specifics should be discussed upon arrival. Former students suggest you plan to spend between $150 to $200 per week on food, local transportation, postage, laundry, theatre visits, personal expenses, etc. This amount will vary according to students’ interests, habits and personal tastes.   

Program Staff
Aula Toledo’s programs are coordinated by Maite Lopez, the school’s director.  Ms. Lopez and her staff are readily available to assist students in their transition to life in Toledo, providing academic support as well as assistance with travel logistics and housing.



Air Travel
Students should plan to arrive in Madrid on the Sunday morning prior to Monday’s start date. Since flights to Europe are overnight flights, you will have to depart the US on a Saturday evening to arrive in Madrid on a Sunday morning. Upon arrival, students are responsible for making their way by bus or train to Madrid’s main train station (Atocha) and then taking a train to Toledo. An airport pick-up can be arranged by the Aula Toledo staff, for an extra fee. Return flights should be booked for the Saturday after the last class. Students may delay their departure in order to travel around Spain, but must vacate their residence on this Saturday.

The program is open to all undergraduate students. The minimum GPA for admission to the program is 2.5. An excellent record of personal responsibility and a high level of maturity are also required.  Applicants to Aula Toledo’s program should have a demonstrated interest in Spain, a desire to become proficient in Spanish, and an openness to learning about Spanish culture and society.

Note on Grades: In accordance with Neumann course prerequisite requirements, students must receive a grade of C or better in SPAN 101 to progress to SPAN 102.


Terms available: Summer. (Aula Toledo offers short-term courses throughout the year, but no semester-long study abroad program is offered here)

Program Dates for Summer 2018: This three-week program begins every other Monday, May through July. Please see the dates below for the exact start dates of the various Spanish levels:



SPAN 101: April 30, June 4, July 2, July 30

SPAN 102: May 14, June 18, July 2, July 30

SPAN 201: April 30, June 4, July 16

SPAN 202: May 14, June 18, July 16


Program Fees for Summer 2018

Payable Directly to Aula Toledo

Tuition (3 credits), home-stay housing
& half board

1,200 Euros (about $1400)

Additional Estimated Expenses - Payable Directly to Vendor




$800 - $1200

Visa Fees

No visa needed


20 Euros

Supplemental Health Insurance (includes evacuation)


Meals and personal expenses - not including extracurricular travel

$150 - $200/week


Application Procedure – First Steps

1. Apply for a passport

2. Speak with the International Studies Education (ISE) staff

3. Submit completed Neumann University Study Abroad Form and Student Release Agreement to the ISE office

4. Purchase supplemental health insurance policy at and provide proof of insurance to ISE 

5. Complete Aula Toledo’s on-line enrollment form six to eight weeks before anticipated program start date.  A deposit of 575 Euros will be required at this time. Final payment is due upon arrival in Toledo.

For Students from Other US Colleges & Universities

Students from other US colleges and universities who successfully complete this 3-week intensive Spanish program are eligible to receive Neumann University transfer credit. Visiting students must complete the program registration steps below and pay a Non-Matriculated Application fee to Neumann University prior to the program start date. This fee is $100 per credit hour attempted, or $300 per course. Upon successful completion of the program, Neumann University will send one formal transcript, as part of your application fee, to the visiting student’s home institution.   This transcript will list course name and level, credit hours and grade received.  

1. Complete Aula Toledo’s on-line enrollment form six to eight weeks before anticipated program start date.  A deposit of 575 Euros, payable directly to Aula Toledo, will be required at this time. Final payment is due upon arrival in Toledo.

2. Email Neumann University’s ISE Coordinator (contact info below) to request a ‘Non-Matriculated Application & Registration Form’ and Student Release Agreement

3. Complete form and mail back to ISE Coordinator, along with a check (payable to Neumann University) for the Non-Matriculated Application fee ($300/course) and signed copy of the Student Release Agreement

4. Purchase supplemental health insurance policy at and provide proof of insurance to ISE 

5. Submit the above documents to ISE at least one month prior to program start date


For more information contact:


Jen Mintzer
International Studies Education
Neumann University
1 Neumann Drive
Aston, PA 19014
Telephone: 610.358.4547
Fax: 610.361.5214