Marcel Studies

Current Issue: Vol. 5, Issue No.1, 2020


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An Interdisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high quality
scholarly work bearing on the thought of French philosopher,
Gabriel Marcel, and the themes relating to his work.


Brendan Sweetman (Rockhurst University)

Editorial Board:

Patrick Bourgeois (Loyola University, New Orleans)

K.R. Hanley ♱ (Le Moyne College)

Jill Graper Hernandez (University of Texas, San Antonio)

Geoffrey Karabin (Neumann University)

Thomas Michaud (West Liberty University)

Teresa Reed (Quincy University)

David Rodick (Xavier University)

Dwayne Tunstall (Grand Valley State University)

Current Issue: Vol. 5, Issue No. 1, 2020

Editor’s Introduction (PDF)
Brendan Sweetman


Marcel and Augustine on Immortality: The Nothingness of the Self and the Exteriorization of Love as the Way to Eternity (PDF)
Zachary Wilcutt

Hope and Despair: A Discussion on the Atheistic Existentialist, Evolutionary Biologistic and Intersubjective Accounts of Hope (PDF)
Cheng-Ling Yu


William Desmond, The Gift of Beauty and the Passion of Being  (PDF)
Reviewed by Geoffrey Karabin

Gregory B. Sadler (editor and translator), Reason Fulfilled by Revelation: The 1930s Christian Philosophy Debates in France (PDF)
Reviewed by W.J. Fossati

Stephen Gaukroger and Knox Pedon, French Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction (PDF)
Reviewed by Margaret Hughes

William Desmond, The Voiding of Being: The Doing and Undoing of Metaphysics in Modernity (PDF)
Reviewed by Steven Knepper


(Recent Marcel Scholarship; Journal of Continental Philosophy; New Book Announcement) (PDF)