How Does Neumann University Define Service?

Service is expressed in the Neumann University mission statement as the “belief that knowledge is a gift to be shared in the service of others.”

Neumann’s Core Value of Service states that:

~ We serve with humility, compassion, and love.
~ We challenge unjust structures and work for social
~ We embrace service as a life-long commitment.

The Neumann University Mission and Ministry booklet Catholic Education in the Franciscan Tradition (fifth printing, 2011) states:

Inherent in the mission of Neumann University is the challenge to place knowledge at the service of others. The call to service invites us to be attentive to the needs of all, especially the least among us. Service flows from compassion, love, and respect, and leads to identification with and understanding of those we serve. We serve within our own community and reach out to others in service that is respectful and mutually enriching. We seek concrete opportunities to serve others through volunteer and outreach activities and through academic Service-Learning. (p. 22-23)