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Program for Success

What is Program for Success (PFS)?

Program for Success
Program for Success

The PFS Mission is to develop and nurture each student’s desire to achieve his or her academic goals.  We work individually with students and recognize their personal strengths and needs.  Our PFS counselors facilitate academic plans to help students become more successful in their academic careers at Neumann in the hopes they will transfer the skills and traits developed in PFS to their future personal and professional lives.


As PFS participants, students work one-on-one weekly with an academic coach to gain control over academics and improve their GPA’s.  Just as athletes improve their performance on the court, field or pool by working with their coach, the same concept applies to students with regards to their academic performance.  Our academic coaches meet individually with students to provide an assessment of their current study skills and develop strategies to achieve academic success.


To Get Started in Program for Success:

    - Speak to your academic advisor to determine if you are eligible to participate in the program.


    - Visit the Academic Resource Center to schedule an appointment with a PFS counselor.


The following links contain important information for PFS students:


    Program for Success Participation Contract - required for all PFS participants. Print this contract before your first PFS appointment.  You will complete the contract with your PFS counselor.


    English 101/102 Contract - This contract is required for students repeating either English 101 or English 102.


    Other PFS Assignments:

    Each of these assignments were created to help you manage your workload consistently throughout the semester. You will work with your PFS counselor to complete some or all of these assignments, depending on your personal academic

    Program for Success
    Program for Success

    Semester Assignments

    Weekly Planner Template

    ENG 102 Plan 

    Academic Check-In

    Daily Checklist

    Midterm Progress

    Semester End Assignment

    Finals Preparation


    The Focus of PFS Meetings:

      Evaluate current study habits and develop more effective ones.


      Provide structure to semester coursework and support in meeting deadlines.


      Provide encouragement and accountability throughout the semester to facilitate consistent student effort. 

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