The Office of Academic Coaching and Tutoring

The Office of Academic Coaching and Tutoring is comprised of a team of academic coaches and tutors who work with students to build academic confidence and facilitate student success.

The Tutoring Team consists of both professional and peer tutors who:

  • Share their knowledge with students in a variety of subjects by helping with assignments, quizzes, and test prep.
  • Offer open office hours (no appointment needed) and one-on-one student meetings by appointment. Group study formats are also available.

The Academic Coaching Program centers on student academic and personal development. The academic coaches use a holistic approach to:

  • Work with students on both "school skills" and "life skills".
  • Support students as they recognize their potential, identify their strengths and build on them.

The academic coaching experience starts with an assessment of the student’s learning style and a discussion of the student’s academic goals. Through guidance from their academic coach, students are empowered to:

  • Identify and prioritize their workload.
  • Explore where they want to go in their college experience, and how this may impact their lives after college. 

Students are offered the opportunity to meet weekly with their academic coach. By setting and achieving their own goals at Neumann, students observe how other aspects of their lives improve through their own efforts, commitment to their studies, and dedication to their futures.