MS in Education: Teaching & Learning (Endorsement Tracks: Autism, Online Instruction, or Instructional Coaching)

For the graduate student who wishes to earn a Master of Science in Education in an online format. Students have the opportunity to choose one of three endorsement tracks (Autism, Online Instruction, or Instructional Coaching). Please note that this program does not lead to any teaching certification and/or licensure. If you are seeking teaching certification and/or licensure, you should check with your respective state teaching certification/licensure authority in regards to the appropriate program.

MS in Education with Dual Teaching Certification (Early Elementary and Special Education)

For the graduate student who is seeking to change careers and wants to become a licensed teacher in Pennsylvania. This certification will permit the graduate to teach Early Elementary (PK-4) and Special Education (PK-12). A student teaching component is required to earn the master’s degree. Successful completion of state tests is required for certification.

MS in Leadership with PK-12 Administrative 1 (Principal) Certification 

For certified teachers who want to become a school principal. The program enables graduate students to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills which are designed to prepare them to assume the role of instructional leaders of their schools. By analyzing cutting-edge pedagogical theory and applying interpretations of that theory to teaching practices, graduate students become master teachers, i.e., educators who know and show others how to orchestrate assessment, diversity, technique, and technology within the context of contemporary education. The goal of this program degree is to instill the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes of master teachers in professional educators. Interested applicants must have 3 years of relevant professional experience. 

MS in Education with an Emphasis on Social Emotional Learning

The Master of Science with an emphasis in Social Emotional Learning is designed for teachers who currently hold a valid Pennsylvania teaching certification and wish to pursue a graduate degree with a focus on social-emotional learning. This program will be offered in a cohort fashion at approved off-campus locations throughout the Delaware Valley.