Neumann University Archives Mission Statement

rab signThe mission of the Archives is to identify, acquire, manage, preserve, and make accessible any item significant to the history of Neumann University. The Archives collects any and all items or documentation historically, legally, administratively, and fiscally relevant to Neumann University. The resources of the University Archives are carefully curated so that items may be produced as they are needed either for reference or research.

The Archives is located on the second and third floors of the Rocco Abessinio Building in an environment carefully cultivated to encourage the preservation of our collection. We are committed to improving the conditions and accessibility of our Archives at every opportunity.

All questions regarding the Archives can be directed to:

Neumann University Archives Policy


The Archives are committed to preserving the history of Neumann University by collecting records of enduring historical value. Examples of records with enduring historical value include but are not limited to:

  • Records of the Board of Trustees
  • Minutes, correspondence, and reports of each department
  • Papers of faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Publications
  • Event programs and descriptions
  • Photographs, slides, videotapes, and motion picture films
  • Historic theses and dissertations
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Memorabilia

The collection of these materials relies on collaboration between the Archives and the departments of Neumann University. The departments provide the Archives with two copies of every publication produced including bulletins, newsletters, invitations, programs, and memorabilia and the Archives arrange and preserve those records.

The Archives benefit from the generosity of the Neumann University community and may accept donations of documents, scrapbooks, photographs, memorabilia and other materials that help to tell the story of the University.

For questions about Donations email or call the library at 610-558-5545.

The relevance of materials in the Archives may change over time. Deselection may occur periodically to remove items which no longer fit the collection criteria for inclusion, that have degraded, or that cannot be properly stored, used, and preserved. If this occurs, University Archives staff will deaccession by one of the means below:

  • Return to the donor or donor’s heirs
  • Donate to another repository
  • Destroy

*Note that this policy addresses items already in the collection and does not refer to the general weeding and appraisal of materials deselected during processing.

Materials that do not pertain directly to Neumann University or associated people.

  • Research files consisting primarily of photocopies
  • While there may be exceptions, plaques or trophies tend to have very little research or long-term historical value and need not be transferred to the Archives.
  • Materials to which access is restricted for a period of time deemed by the University Archives staff to be beyond a reasonable limitation.

If the University Archives declines materials, they will be returned directly to the donor.


The collections of the Neumann University Archives will be made available on equal terms of access in accordance with the policies of the Society of American Archivists and the American Library Association. Therefore, its collections are open to the public unless restrictions apply at the request of the office of origin or for legal reasons. Anyone interested in viewing Archival materials should contact or call the library at 610-558-5545.

Only the office of origin may borrow original records, in all other cases original items may not leave the Archives. Archives staff will make every effort to provide physical or digital copies provided no restrictions apply and with at least two weeks’ notice.