Frances and Wesley Bock Book Award for Children's Literature

The Library and the Neumann Institute for Franciscan Studies sponsor the Frances and Wesley Bock Book Award for Children's Literature. The award ceremony takes place on or close to October 4 (St. Francis Day) every year and includes educational activities related to the winning story for young guests to the campus. Submissions are accepted between January and April 30 of each calendar year and winners are selected by committee each August.

To submit a book for consideration, publishers should send one copy of the title to:

Frances and Wesley Bock Book Award
Neumann University Library
One Neumann Drive
Aston, PA 19014


Bock Family

  Frances & Wesley Bock
Frances & Wesley Bock

Wesley Bock was co-owner of Kilner's, a store in north central Philadelphia that provided equipment, clothing, and supplies to religious institutions. As sales representative to the Sisters of St. Francis, he grew to be quite fond of the Sisters and began making contributions to the order.

When Wesley passed away, his wife Frances continued the contributions. When she passed away, the estate passed to their nephew, who, in consultation with the Library, established the Bock Book Award in their memory.

The award acknowledges Franciscan values in children's books and gives each year's winner a prize of $750 for the author, $750 for the illustrator, a plaque, and a gold emblazoned emblem for the book.


The criteria for consideration for this award:

  • The text should be
    • values-oriented which would appeal to the child's sense of wonder and curiosity from ages 3 to 8 years
    • interesting and stimulating
    • pleasing and aesthetic
  • The illustrations should
    • provide support for interpreting the story
    • instill a reverence for and compassion for all creation
    • depict creation, in all of its diversity

Both the text and illustrations should promote a moral attitude and/or action.

This Year's Winner:



Super Manny Cleans Up!
written by Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrated by
Stephanie Graegin

  Cover of Manny - Winner of the 2019 Bock Book Award

Past Winners:

Cover of "Shelter - Winner of the 2018 Bock Book Award     


by Céline Claire
Illustrated by Qin Leng


Please Please
the Bees
written and illustrated
by Gerald Kelley

  Cover of "please please the bees - Winner of the 2017 Bock Book Award

Cover of "Maya's Blanket" - Winner of the 2016 Bock Book Award     


Maya's Blanket
La Manta de Maya

by Monica Brown
illustrated by David Diaz



Winter Is Coming

by Tony Johnston

illustrated by Jim LaMarche
  Winter Is Coming

The Cat With Seven Names     2014
  The Cat With Seven Names

  by Tony Johnston
  illustrated by Christine Davenier


The Sandal Artist

by Kathleen T. Pelley
illustrated by Lois Rosio Sprague

  The Sandal Artist

The Ocean Story     2012
The Ocean Story

by John Seven
illustrated by Jana Christy


Mama Miti

by Donna Jo Napoli
illustrated by Kadir Nelson

  Mama Miti

Felina’s New Home   2010
Felina’s New Home

by Loran Wlodarski
illustrated by Lew Clayton


Zen Ties

by Jon Muth

  Zen Ties

We Are One

We Are One

by Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell
illustrated by Brian Pinkney



Brother Juniper
by Diane Gibfried
illustrated by Meilo So

Brother Juniper

Daniel and His Walking Stick

Daniel and His Walking Stick

by Wendy McCormick
illustrated Constance R. Bergum



Boxes for Katje
by Candace Fleming
illustrated by
Stacey Dresser-McQueen

Boxes for Katje

The Boy with a Wish  

The Boy with a Wish
by Harry B. Knights



In the Blink of an Eye
by Dieter Wiesmüller

In the Blink of an Eye

Where Does God Live?  

Where Does God Live?
by Holly Bea
illustrated by Kim Howard



Each Living Thing
by Joanne Ryder
illustrated by Ashley Wolff

Each Living Thing

Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey

Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey
by Robert Byrd

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