Registration Instructions for Spring 2019


Registrar: Registration Instructions for Spring 2019

The Master Course Schedule for the 2019 Spring Semester is available on WebAdvisor. Additions and modifications will be made to this schedule over the next few months.

Please check the schedule on a regular basis for classes being added by Divisions or any modifications to times of courses

*Please note that room assignments are subject to change.

Online Registration is available for all Graduate/CAPS students and undergraduate students who have completed 45 credits. In order for undergraduate students to register online, the student must schedule a meeting with their advisor to review their schedule and have the Academic Advising Hold removed. Once the advisor removes the Academic Advising Hold, the student is cleared to register online during the designated time-frame listed below.   


Registration Schedule for Spring 2019 Courses:  


OCTOBER 29-30:  

* All athletes who are scheduled to participate in either Winter and/or Spring Competition     

* Students in either the Freshman or University Honors Program 

* Students with a Documented Disability 

* Students with a Documented Veteran Status 

 * ROTC Students (Currently enrolled in Military Science Courses)

* Open Registration for Graduate/CAPS Students


OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 2, 5:                  
* Seniors (Minimum of 90 Completed Credits)


NOVEMBER 6-9:                    
* Juniors (Minimum of 60 Completed Credits) 
* Sophomores (Minimum of 30 Completed Credits)


NOVEMBER 16, 19-21:                     
* ALL FRESHMEN (Less than 30 Completed Credits)



As a preparation for registration, all students are urged to check with the Business Office as soon as possible to make certain that all accounts are current. After Business Office clearance has been checked, students should begin to contact their advisors and arrange for a time to meet and plan for next semester’s coursework. Please note that students who do not receive Business Office clearance can still meet with their academic advisor but will not be allowed to register until their account issues have been resolved and their financial hold has been removed.