Service Learning - Reflection Process

Reflection Process Samples/Suggestions

The Reflection Process can be based on any of the following:

Neumann University Theological Reflection used in THEO 104:

Samples from Nursing and Biology:

Catholic Social Teaching: Reflection questions based on Catholic Social Teaching.

Education for Justice resources – eight-part series – contact NIFS for password to the website

Franciscan Intellectual Tradition: Power Point Overview of the Franciscan tradition with examples of reflection questions related to Neumann’s core values.

Neumann University Core Values (RISES): Reflection questions based
on Core Values

Models for Discipleship: Invite students to research a “model of discipleship,” a person whose life is a witness to service. Students then reflect on their service experience in light of the qualities of the persons selected. The person selected should relate in some way with the service in which the student engaged.

There are many helpful websites related to “Models of discipleship.” A few are listed below:

Use of Film for Reflection: Select a clip from a film related to some aspect of the course or a person whose life is a model for service. Discuss the film in light of Neumann’s identity as a Catholic institution in the Franciscan tradition. Invite students to reflect on their service experience in light of the film. As an alternative, invite students to select a film clip which interprets some aspect of their experience and to write or present orally the connection with the service.