Social Work


Admission to Major


Criteria for Admission and Acceptance to the BSW Major:

Intended Social Work Majors are expected to formally apply to the program. Students can apply to the major after completing 30 university-level credits. Applicants for admission to the Social Work Major must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and have successfully completed SW 100 and ENG 102. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and achieve a minimum grade of “C” or higher for all Social Work courses and Allied requirements. 


Additionally, in order to be considered for admission into the Social Work Major, students must complete two (2) Recommendation Forms: one recommendation must be provided a faculty member in any discipline and one recommendation form must be provided by someone who knows the student on a personal, non-academic level (i.e. mentor, coach, employer, supervisor, etc.).


After review of application materials, students will be notified by the Dean regarding acceptance into the major. If accepted, students will be assigned an advisor from the Social Work Program and will be required to meet with that advisor within one month of receiving their acceptance letter.


Applications to the Social Work major are available from the Program Director or Field Director of the Social Work program. They can also be obtained in the office of the Dean of the Division of Education & Human Services.