Campus Safety

Emergency Alert System


Subscribe Now to receive e2Campus, Neumann University’s EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM.

This is a way for students, parents, faculty, and staff to receive campus-wide alerts on their cell phones, PDAs and e-mail.  The system, which is optional and free, offers another means of emergency notification, in addition to the University’s first-alert steps.

You will receive messages/instructions in the event of a campus emergency.

  • Once you sign up, your membership is good for two years. If you are graduating or leaving Neumann University, you will have to unsubscribe.

  • If you already have a username and password, use the User Login to access your account, change phone numbers, or view past messages.

NEW USERS must CREATE an account (see below). To do this, be sure to have your cell phone with you and it is turned on.  Make sure you know your carrier. You must also be in front of a computer.  You must then enter the following fields: Username, First Name, Last Name, Password, Verify Password, Phone Number, Select Carrier.


When subscribing, you MUST VALIDATE your account in order to receive emergency notifications. A validation code will be texted to your cell phone and MUST be entered (by you) online in order to successfully complete enrollment. Please make note, when you receive the message on your phone, you will see the #79516. This is NOT your validation code. You must open up the text message to view your unique four-digit code. It is this four-digit code that you must enter online to register successfully. If not registered successfully, you will not receive the alerts.

Once you complete the validation part of registering your mobile phone, the next page will say “You have successfully signed up." You will see a “Log in” button for your new account. To complete your registration, you must open your account and enter your email address (if you want email notification). Click ADD E-MAIL button. You will instantly be emailed a verification e-mail YOU MUST open and click on the validation link.


You have now successfully completed your enrollment to E2 Campus.


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