Neumann Institute for Franciscan Studies

Mission Statement

The Neumann Institute for Franciscan Studies exists to strengthen the vision and charism of Francis and Clare of Assisi within a context of contemporary experiences in higher education. The Institute serves the scholarly and spiritual needs of the Neumann University community through seminars, lecture series, and other educational activities.

The Institute provides ongoing dialog about the Franciscan charism and values as they apply to the intellectual, affective, and ethical development of the Neumann University community.

The Neumann Institute for Franciscan Studies promotes the integration of the Catholic Franciscan tradition into the curriculum. The Institute supports course development by providing resources and research assistance.

Neumann Institute for Franciscan Studies


The logo of the Neumann Institute for Franciscan Studies speaks simply of the love Francis and Clare had for the poor crucified Christ. The San Damiano Cross symbolizes the central theme. This Cross was hanging in the abandoned San Damiano Chapel outside Assisi when Francis went there to pray in 1206.

During a time of intense prayer, Francis heard the words: “Francis, go and repair my house which as you see is falling into ruin.” Later, St. Clare and her companions lived in a monastery attached to the Church of San Damiano. Today, the original San Damiano Cross hangs in the Basilica of St. Clare in Assisi.

On either side of the cross are the medieval letters "F" and "C." The cross connects the lives of Francis and Clare illustrating their faithful response to following in the footprints of the poor crucified Christ.