Parents and Family

When your son or daughter becomes a Neumann student, he or she isn’t the only one welcomed into the Neumann Community. There are a number of ways for parents and family members to stay connected. Staying informed and engaged can only help you and your student.

Added Value

Value of a Neumann Education: We'd argue that the value of a Neumann education far exceeds its price tag. Talk to our students. But we also recognize that a college education is often one of the single biggest investments a family makes. In our view, affordability should not be a barrier to enrollment. That's why we are fully committed to our need-based financial aid program. In fact, nearly 90% of our undergraduates receive some form of financial assistance.

Check List and Deadlines

Neumann University’s undergraduate admissions have a rolling admissions policy. It is recommended that applications be received at least two months before the beginning of a semester to ensure proper consideration for admission.

Terms generally start:
Fall: late August Spring: mid-January Summer: mid-May

Financial Aid Dates