Commuter Reps

Welcome Commuters!

As Commuter Representatives it is our job to make sure the commuting students are comfortable at school. This means we make sure you feel welcomed by receiving feedback from your experiences, taking suggestions, and planning events for the students to communicate and socialize with people they do not get to see every day. The most important thing about being a commuter representative is the students. We take great pride in you, and want to make your experience here at Neumann an unforgettable one. If a student has a suggestion, complaint, improvement, or idea, we are very receptive to them and will do our best to accommodate them.

We will strive to make life as a commuter easier for you. We will be your advocates and listen to any issues and suggestions you may have and bring them to the proper channels so that your voice can be heard. This year we would love to see the commuters get more involved on campus. To help make this easier for commuters, we are planning many fun activities, trips, breakfasts, lunches, and service projects, so keep your eyes open for these events. Commuter events are a great way to meet new people. Hope to meet you all soon!

Bryn & Madison

Name: Bryn Borowik
Major: Nursing
Class Year: 2017

Favorite Part of Neumann:
How easy it is to get involved in things
you are interested in!

Advice to fellow commuter students:

GET INVOLVED! Make your college experience more then just going to class and going home, the things you do outside of the classroom and the friends you make are memories that will last a life time.

Name: Madison Beck
Major: Nursing
Class year: 2016

Favorite part of Neumann:
My favorite part
of Neumann is the labyrinth. This is my favorite part of school because it is so relaxing. I go there to think and get away from school for a little bit.

Advice to fellow commuter students:
The two most important thing of being a commuter student is time management, and involvement. Having time management and being will make your life as a commuter student so much easier. Also, it is very important to get involved on campus. The only way you are going to get the most out of your experience is getting involved and meeting new people.