Faculty Reserves Policy for Books and 
Audio-visual Materials


Please Note: Photocopied materials are no longer accepted in the Library’s Reserve. Articles should be uploaded to your Blackboard Vista online courses. We do not have the means to store loose papers. Contact the ITR Help Desk at
610-558-5620 for more information.


Reserves Paperwork: 
    Reserves Request form 
(to accompany Reserves material)


    Reserves Request form (required to remove and return Reserves materials)


What can be placed on Reserve? Instructors may place any course-related materials on Reserve for student use including any combination of the following material types:


NU Library Books: In general, circulating books owned by the Neumann University Library can be placed on Reserve. If a title or edition is not owned by the Library, please contact the Acquisitions librarian to make arrangements to purchase a copy for the collection. All library materials are acquired with the understanding that there will be multiple uses of a limited number of copies. The sole purpose of library reserves is to facilitate student access to readings for university classes. Depending on availability, book orders may take six to eight weeks to arrive; please allow sufficient time for processing. Please note that the Library requires a sign permission slip from the Department Chair to accompany book orders.


Personal Copies: Instructors' personal copies of books and/or other materials may be placed on Reserve at the owner's risk. Please be aware that all items will have a barcode attached while on reserve. If you are planning to use your own personal copies, be aware of this necessity and decide accordingly. Personal copies will be removed at the end of the semester and stored until they are picked up by you.


Media Materials: VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, etc. owned by the NU Library or the instructor can be placed on Reserve.


Students' Work: Students' works are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.  All student papers, projects, video presentations, etc. must be submitted with signed written permission before they can be placed on Reserve.

Any item obtained through Interlibrary Loan or rented through a public venue will not be placed on Reserve due to copyright infringement concerns.


Placing Material on Reserve

1. Faculty should try to bring all required reserve materials in as soon as possible, in order for them to be processed in a timely manner. All requests are processed on a first come, first served basis.

2. Faculty must fill out a Reserves Request form available at the Library’s Circulation Desk. This form must be completely filled out, in order for materials to be cataloged into the Library’s computer system or placed on reserve.

3. Faculty must have a valid Neumann University photo ID with a barcode, in order to place items on reserve. Barcodes can be obtained from the Circulation Desk. Be prepared to complete a Library record, if you do not already have an existing one. This is necessary for attaching reserve materials to instructors in the computer system.

4. Faculty is required to adhere to the fair use provisions of the United States Copyright Act of 1976. Section 107 of the Copyright Act which allows for a limited number of current textbooks to be placed on Reserves for student use. These items are restricted to in Library use only. Multiple copies cannot exceed three per title.



5. To remove items from Reserves, faculty members must completely fill out the Reserves Deletion form obtainable from the Circulation Desk. Please be sure to remove all personal items from the Library at that time.



6. Materials will be automatically deleted from the Reserves holdings, at the end of each Semester, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Reserves Librarian. Exception: Nursing, P.T., and INT202 materials.


For more information or assistance, call the ILL/Reserves Desk at 610-361-5216 between 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. Monday - Friday. 

Please feel free to contact the Library at any time by calling 610-558-5545 or
via e-mail at library@neumann.edu.