Student Employment Opportunities

Work Study Positions


JOB TITLE: Office Assistant for Adult and Graduate Programs

Department Location: 150 BMB Office of Adult and Graduate Programs

Supervisor: Dr. Erika K. Davis and/or Kathryn LeConey

Phone: 610-361-5208


Number of Students Needed: 2

Hours Needed Per Week: 6-10 hours per week, as well as select Saturdays during the year.

WAGE RATE: $7.75


  • Imparts the spirit of St. Francis through respect for all persons and things, and by a search for truth in daily interactions and situations.
  • Witnesses to a deep sense of professionalism in dress, speech and manners.
  • Adhere to and support the Mission of Neumann University, especially the idea that knowledge is to be used in service to others.
  • Answer basic phone inquiries with a knowledge of all Adult and Graduate Program offerings.
  • Assist with all Adult and Graduate Open Houses, Graduate Fairs and other on-campus events.
  • Assist with various office tasks including, but not limited to, filing, answering phones, typing, and other duties as assigned.
  • Be present in the office during scheduled office hours prepared to assist in office operations. If the Neumann Navigator cannot make those hours, it is the Navigator’s responsibility to locate a replacement.
  • Attend all training sessions and become familiar with the manual provided for the Neumann Navigators.
  • Understand and maintain confidentiality of information present in the Office during and after employment.
  • Understand and maintain professionalism in dealing with all persons with which the Neumann Navigator comes into contact.
  • Understand and adhere to all applicable safety policies and procedures including safety education, accident prevention, and safe work environment.
  • Read and sign a contract, agreeing to the statements listed above.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Supervisors.
  • As a visible agent of Neumann University upholds the highest standards of conduct, attitude, appearance and confidentiality.


JOB TITLE: Athletics and Recreation - Work Study Position

Department Location: Athletics

Supervisor: Len Schuler

Phone: 484-840-4712


Number of Students Needed: multiple

Hours Needed Per Week: 8-10 hours

WAGE RATE: Through the Work Study Program of Neumann University

The following areas are looking for committed, reliable students:

  • Cardio Room – Mon, Thurs – Varied Hours
  • Fitness Room – Mon- Friday – Varied Hours
  • Front Desk – Tuesdays (7-9pm), Friday – Varied Hours

Interested students should contact Len Schuler at


JOB TITLE: Center for Leadership - Work Study Position

Department Location: The Center for Leadership

Supervisor: Danielle L. McNichol

Phone: 610-358-4585


Number of Students Needed: 1

Hours Needed Per Week: 10-15 hours

WAGE RATE: Through the Work Study Program of Neumann University

General Position Description:
The Center for Leadership is seeking a reliable and motivated student to assist the operations of The Center for Leadership and its community outreach initiatives including the Partnership for Public Safety and Wardrobes for Work.

About The Center for Leadership
The Neumann University Center for Leadership is intended to serve as a community leadership development venue where beginning and mid-level community, corporate, and non-profit emerging leaders have the opportunity to learn about the proper roles, relationships, and responsibilities of public and private office holding, including appointed, elected, and volunteer (e.g., nonprofit trustee/board) positions. These learning opportunities will be taught by a combination of scholars and successful community leaders including experienced practitioners, and office holders. More information can be found at:

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating logistics prior to scheduled events
  • Assisting the Director and her staff at registration and during events
  • Receiving and/or collecting, from on-campus locations, donations of clothing for Wardrobes for Work
  • Developing and processing forms for donors’ tax credits
  • Processing paperwork for Continuing Education credits
  • Sending acknowledgement and thank you letters to donors and/or speakers
  • Developing and updating database of donors
  • Staffing the Wardrobes for Work Room and maintaining a visually pleasing environment and streamlined process for clients
  • Handling incoming calls, providing routine information and channeling inquiries
  • Other duties under the supervision of the Director and her staff


  • Detail-oriented and focused on completion of tasks
  • Able to work independently to complete assigned projects
  • Knowledgeable about various functions of Neumann University’s offices/departments to facilitate the completion of projects
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Effective interpersonal and organizational skill; able to relate with all constituents
  • As a visible agent of Neumann University and the Center for Leadership, the highest standards of conduct, attitude, appearance and confidentiality are expected in all aspects of performance.

Student will interact with the following:
The Director and her staff, donors to Wardrobes for Work, visitors to Neumann University campus, department heads/staff, elected members of federal, state and county government, law enforcement, community not-for-profits, and members of the legal community.

Interested students should contact Danielle L. McNichol at