Housing & Residence Life

New First Year and Transfer Students

Room Assignment Information

First year and incoming transfer students who have deposited to live on campus ($500) with the Office of Admissions will be assigned rooms in the University’s residence halls. If you are uncertain of your resident or commuter status, please contact the Office of Admissions for clarification.


Office of Admissions:

Web page: www.neumann.edu/admissions

Email: neumann@neumann.edu

Phone: 610.558.5616


New first year and transfer students are assigned rooms in University housing as follows:


  • Transfers - Living and Learning Center I in houses 1, 2, and 3 

  • First Year - Living and Learning Center I in houses 4 and 5, Living and Learning Center II in houses 6, 7, and 8 and Living and Learning Center III in houses 9, 11, and 13 

  • First year and transfer students will be assigned rooms in accordance with the information provided on their Housing and Dining Application.Housing and Dining Applications must be completed by June 30, 2018. 

  • If you want to change any information you provided on the Housing and Dining Application after you submit it you can do so at new student orientation or by emailing the Director of Housing and Residence Life, Scott Hammell - hammells@neumann.edu

  • During orientation, it is not uncommon for students to meet others whom they would like to live with. If you have already submitted your Housing and Dining Application, forms will be available for you at the conclusion of your orientation session to request a roommate.

  • You can expect correspondence from the Office of Housing and Residence Life via your Neumann email account regarding your room assignment and information toward the end of July. The name(s) and contact information of your roommate(s) will be listed in this email.

  • It is highly recommended that roommates contact one another prior to move in to plan what they will bring to campus. While our residence hall rooms are a decent size, they cannot accommodate multiples of items that roommates typically share (televisions, microwaves, etc).


Move in for new first year and transfer students is scheduled for Thursday, August 23, 2018.