what comes in the rooms/residence halls, what’s available on campus, off campus, location

Residents have access to computer labs, a fitness center, laundry facilities, kitchenettes, vending services and space for quiet reflection and study groups. Neumann University student ID cards enable students to access the Living and Learning Centers. Students access their own rooms with individual keys.

Each resident will be provided with a single, regular-length twin-size bed, a desk with a chair, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, window blinds, shower curtain and towel racks. Access to local phone service and voice mail will also be provided. All rooms are wired for cable TV, campus network and internet access. Residents are to provide their own telephone, telephone cord, television, cable cord, and network cord.

Students are welcome to create their own space within the bounds of good taste. Posters and other items may be hung on the walls only with material that will not damage the surface. White poster putty is recommended. Blocking of windows or hanging things out of windows is prohibited. Posters with drug, alcohol or sexually explicit themes are prohibited.


Computer labs/services, television info, internet info

Neumann University strongly recommends, but does not require, that students bring their own computer and printer. If you bring your own computer, you will need your own network cable to connect to the University network. You will receive information about computing at Neumann during Orientation Weekend. Information is also available from Information Technology and Resources. If you do not own a computer, there are computer labs in LLC I, LLC III and the Annex.

Neumann University will provide basic cable TV. You must provide your own television and cable connection cords. Local telephone service is also provided. You must provide your own phone. Long distance phone cards are available in the Neumann University Store.


What you can and can’t bring, lost items, smoking, drinking

Yes! You are required to register your car with Campus Safety; there is no fee for registration. Your car must display a University parking decal. You are also required to park your car in designated areas.

No! All Neumann buildings are smoke-free.

The University is not responsible for your possessions under any circumstances. Please see Campus Safety for more information.

What should I bring?

  • blankets
  • flat sheets (36” x 76” twin)
  • pillows
  • toiletries
  • laundry basket
  • study lamp
  • alarm clock
  • waste basket
  • telephone
  • computer
  • television set

  • cleaning and laundry supplies
  • office supplies
  • throw rug (5’ x 7’)
  • snacks
  • refrigerator (max. 4.0 cubic feet, UL approved)
  • microwave (UL approved)

What should I NOT bring?

  • candles
  • incense
  • waterbeds
  • electric plates
  • hot plates
  • toaster ovens
  • space heaters
  • water guns
  • toasters
  • coffee makers
  • foreman grills
  • any device with an open flame

Students are not permitted to have pets in the Living and Learning Center Complex.


Shuttles, student activities, dining services

Resident students are required to purchase a meal plan provided by the University. The plans provide residents with daily meals. Those students residing at the Annex have the option of flexible meal plans. See Sodexo Campus Dining for more information.

Lots! See Student Activities, Campus Ministry, and Athletics for a list of upcoming events. Also take a look at the online calendar and look for programming in your residence hall!

Campus Safety operates a shuttle between the LLC Annex, located in Media, and the Neumann University Main Campus. The Campus Safety website has a weekday and weekend schedule along with drop-off/pick-up locations.

Yes! SEPTA Bus Route 114 stops at Neumann University. There is also a Campus Safety Shuttle that takes you to SEPTA Regional Rail Elwyn; see their website for a schedule. There are also numerous bus connections available at Granite Run Mall (located across from the LLC Annex). See SEPTA for more information.

Your address will be: Neumann University, Box ___, One Neumann Drive, Aston, PA 19014-1298. You will receive your mailbox number and combination with your housing assignment.

Yes! The residence halls are staffed with professional adult coordinators and student resident assistants who live in each House. They are available to refer students, help mediate roommate conflicts, provide programming for students, and assist in maintaining residence life standards and policies rooted in the mission of the University.


Change of status, conflict, maintenance, cleaning, important dates

You are responsible for cleaning your room/suite/apartment, shower and bathroom. You are responsible for removing all trash and for maintaining a reasonably clean environment. Rooms will be checked by your Residence Life Coordinator to ensure appropriate health and wellness standards. You are required to do a thorough cleaning at the end of the fall semester. At the conclusion of the spring semester, you are required to follow all check-out procedures and leave your room in the condition you found it upon move-in.

If you and your roommate(s) are not getting along, please contact your resident assistant(s) (RA) as soon as possible. Your RA will set an appointment with your room to mediate the conflict. Part of the mediation will be to reexamine the Roommate Agreement that you and your roommates helped create and everyone signed earlier in the school year. If the issue is not resolved after several attempts by your RA, your residence life coordinator will intervene. It is very important that you make your RA aware of the problem before it gets out of control.

Student IDs and room keys are distributed by Campus Safety. If you lose either, please go to the Campus Safety office, located in 32 BMB, immediately so that you may obtain a new one. If you lose your ID it is also suggested that you notify the Business Office so the card may be cancelled and any money on the card cannot be used around campus. Key replacements are $75/key and ID replacements are $10. Fees are payable in the Business Office.

Yes! Please complete a Change of Status form. You may print it and return it to your coordinator, fax it to the Office of Residence Life at 610.358.4231, or mail it to:

Office of Residence Life
Neumann University
One Neumann Drive
Aston, PA 19014

Yes! The residence halls and food services both close for Thanksgiving, Easter, at the end of each semester and spring breaks. Dates and times of closings and re-openings will be posted in the buildings and on the University website. At the close of the Fall and Spring semesters, you will be expected to leave the buildings as soon as you complete your final exams.

Your housing deposit is applied to your account and yes, there is a damage deposit of $150 which will be billed to you. The full deposit must be maintained as long as you are a resident. Should damages occur, you will be billed for them as repairs are made. Your damage deposit will be refunded (minus cost of damages) to you upon completion of your Change of Status form when you graduate or change your resident status.

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